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Please consider supporting our efforts to better equip all staff working in CAR.

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For the last 10 years, Water for Good has worked to improve lives in one of the most unstable and impoverished countries, the Central African Republic (CAR). But recently, rebel groups and militias have increasingly targeted civilians and the level of violence has reached an unprecedented level, displacing nearly 1 million people. Thanks to our generous supporters, Water for Good has the expertise, staff, and equipment in the country and we have continued to the show love and meet needs of a desperate population.

Yet, the country has changed so much that we need to take measures to better anticipate and manage risks. Mathieu DeArmey is leading a project to assess security and make recommendations. He has already completed his assessment trip and will return to CAR in July to formalize policies and lead training.

Please consider supporting our efforts to better equip all staff working in CAR.


  • Develop policies and risk mitigation measures with the help of a security consultant
  • Equip staff with better uniforms, communications equipment, and identification (satellite phones, vests, official name cards and lanyards, vehicle flags) 
  • Provide staff with training on security policies
  • Increase coordination with other humanitarian organizations on security concerns

While there is never any guarantee that we will be safe from harm, your support for these measures will allow Water for Good to remain committed to work in this country with the utmost care for the safety of our staff, with responsible and professional practices.

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