Jay Hocking, Director of Communications - Monthly Support

By supporting Jay, and his work as our Director of Communications, your gift allows us to keep the funds we raise for projects, focused on those projects, rather than on admin expenses.

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More about Jay Hocking, Director of Communications - Monthly Support

Jay grew up in the Central African Republic, and has been with Water for Good since the beginning in 2004–initially as a volunteer for design and photography work, and working part-time from 2008-2012 doing both design and IT work. Jay now leads our development team as our Director of Communications (and still enjoys handling our computer support needs on the side).  Jay's French and Sango, as well as his familiarity with the Central African culture come in handy for Water for Good as we work to provide a strong communications link between the work on the field and the donors who make it possible. 

Your direct support of Jay's role helps us keep donations to our programs and projects where they belong—funding programs and projects, rather than our admin expenses. Thanks for considering a donation towards our Director of Communications—he'll be notified that you've joined his support team!

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