Preventative Maintenance - Monthly Pump Sponsorship

Monthly Sponsorship of a Pump

More about Preventative Maintenance - Monthly Pump Sponsorship

Water for Good's goal is to use preventative maintenance, spot repair and community ownership of a water point as an entry to long-term community development. We will be working to reduce costs within the program as much as possible, improve water point service to the community, and transition payment of the program to local private and public groups - well committees, governments.

We need your help to fund this model as we work towards that goal, analyze preliminary results, make adjustments, and perfect the model.

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Interested in this model? For $40 a month you can subsidize the maintenance of a community pump as we work to transition financial responsibility to the local community.

We'll send you updated reports on the specific pump you are sponsoring, and keep you posted on the progress being made as we work towards transitioning the operational costs to the local Central Africans over a three-year period.

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